Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nearly done getting ready to begin

On the right is the site as it looked at the beginning of this year. Señor Savu from the other side of 550 came over on his tractor last week to make it bigger and more level (next one down).

Below is an action photo of him milling a log into boards for us (in 2007). This particular log comes from a white pine I grew up knowing. I remember my brother Greg once climbed to the top and said he could see Lake Superior. We plan to make a beefy table out of it.
The rest of this year so far has been spent making plans. There are so many facets to this project. It's taken a long time to develop these plans while learning how best to do things. The little house we built 6 years ago was very design-as-you-go style, but this one Erica and I have been planning intensely for. I have spent so many hours looking at books and houses and drawing and re-drawing it's insane. But I think this stage is almost complete. I'm ready.

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