Monday, September 9, 2013

A trip out west

The train trip out west was excellent. Sleeping in those seats, however roomy, was difficult but other than that it was such a great way to see the country with the family and keep moving at the same time. If somebody needs to go pee, they get up and go. If you feel like talking to somebody, walk down to the observation car. Bring a guitar and you might get the chance to trade songs as I did with some kind folks.

One highlight of the trip out was rolling into Glacier National Park at sunset. The railway at this point departs from the highway. There was a pair of moose standing in a little lake watching the train go by. If you ever take this train, the Empire Builder, you might consider planning to stop a night or two in this fantastic park.

We are enjoying life in Bend. It has a lot in common with our hometown of Marquette, just with more people and less rain, and much smaller and fewer lakes and streams and much bigger mountains, some of them active volcanos. Tomorrow I'm playing at Crow's Feet Commons, a fancy bike shop with excellent local brews. I'm feeling right at home.

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